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Flight to Avoid Apprehension / Hindering Apprehension Arrest

August 10th, 2023


On 8/10/2023, NCPD received a telephone call from an anonymous tip stating that George Zenecki was staying in a camping trailer on Kennedy Ave Near 21st Street in Northern Cambria Borough in the backyard of a house who was to be wanted for a Megan's Law Violation. Officers verified the warrant, responded to the location, and spoke with Tessa Duffy who alleged that George wasn't there. During the conversation with Tessa, George emerged from a rear storage door in the camper, and a small foot pursuit entailed where George was subsequently taken into custody and then handed over to Cambria Township Police on their warrant. Charges were subsequently filed in Magistrate Zungali's Office.

**Every person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty**


*5126 Flight to avoid apprehension, trial or punishment (F3)

*5104 Resisting arrest (M2)

*5503 (A)(4) Disorderly Conduct (M3)

*5105 (A)(1) Hindering apprehension or prosecution (M2)

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