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Transmission of sexually explicit images by minor

September 6th, 2023


On 8/28/2023 NCPD received a complaint from the Northern Cambria School District in regard to a student who was observed disseminating a sexually explicit photograph of a minor to fellow students via his/her cellular device. Officers met with the school principal, who presented the photograph of the minor victim located on the suspect's cellular device to responding officers. The photographic evidence was immediately secured and the phone was seized and then placed into evidence. Written statements were provided by the principal from all victims who were shown the photograph. A search warrant was obtained for the cellphone and its contents, and a sexually explicit photograph of the suspected minor was recovered and secured as evidence. Subsequently, charges were filed appropriately in the Cambria Juvenile Court.

**Every person accused of a crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty**


*6321 (B) Transmission of sexually explicit images by minor

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